SW Short Course Champs

Suitable for all squads.

When: 30th August – 1st September 2019
Where:  WRAC

Entries open on 29 July 2019 and close at 23:59:59 (Midnight) on Sunday 25 August 2019.

  • Session 1: Fri 30 Aug – Warm-up 4pm, Start 5pm
  • Session 2: Sat 31 Aug – Warm up 7.30am, Start 8.30am
  • Session 3: Sat 31 Aug – Warm-up 3pm, Start 4pm
  • Session 4: Sun 1 Sept – Warm up 7.30am, Start 8.30am
  • Session 5: Sun 1 Sept – Warm up 3pm, Start 4pm
Date Start Time Venue
Aug. 30th – Sept. 1st, 2019 See session times. Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre.

Pirates Jolly Roger – Tier 2

Suitable all Squads.

When: 29th June. 2019 Start time 4.25pm (warm up 4.00pm)
Where:  WRAC

Entries close on June 22nd 2019.

Welcome to the annual Pirates hosted Jolly Roger.

$10 per event.
Choose up to 4 events. NTs are permitted.
Winning Club wins 8 large pizzas!

Club relay information:

Club relay teams will consist of 1 male and 1 female in each of the following four age groups 10/11, 12/13, 14/15, 16 and over.
The relay will consist of 8 x 50m medley. But, the first stroke of the relay to be swum will be drawn just prior to the start, the following legs will follow in individual medley order.
All backstroke legs will have dive starts (even if backstroke is drawn as the first stroke).
In backstroke the swimmer is to be on their back when they break the water after the dive.
Prior to the start of the relay two members of each team are permitted to enter the bulkhead. These two team members cannot be changed/swapped out after the stroke draw. (i.e. they cannot leave the bulkhead to be swapped out for someone else).
Swimmers in relay legs 3-8 are only permitted to enter the bulkhead as a team member exits the bulkhead, no more than 2 swimmers per team waiting to swim on the bulkhead at any time.
Clubs swimming in lane 0-4 will enter their swimmers to the bulkhead from the stands side of the pool, with lanes 5-9 entering from the scoreboard side.
The relay is free.
Pirates will enter one team per club. A second team may be possible.
No official times will be applied.
Winner takes all – 8 large pizzas delivered to WRAC at the end of the meet, or at a time to be agreed at the conclusion of the event.
Any questions please contact

Thank you for entering our Jolly Roger meet!

Date Start Time Venue
June. 29th, 2019 4.25pm (warm up 4.00pm) Wellington Aquatic Centre, Kilbirnie