Suitable all Squads.

When: 15th June. 2019 Start time 3.30pm (warm up 3.00pm)
Where:  Stokes Valley Pool

Entries close at 23:59.59 (midnight) on June 8th 2019.

  • $5 per event
    Choose up to 4 events
    Swimmers must have times SLOWER than the break times listed or they should enter into the OPEN age group for that event. For example, for 50m freestyle for 13 and unders you need a time slower than 38.5 seconds to enter into your age group race. If your time was a 36.2 and therefore faster you would instead enter into the OPEN event for 14&unders.
    Any questions navigating entries please contact
    Come along and support SZR at their new training venue in Stokes Valley.
Date Start Time Venue
June. 15h, 2019 3.30pm (warm up 3.00pm) Stokes Valley Pool, Bowers Street.


Suitable for Scallywags, Buccaneers, Bandits and Yellowbeards.

When: 11th June. 2019 Start time 6.00pm (dryland warm up 5.45pm)
Where:  Karori Pool

Entries close at 7pm Friday June 7th 2019.

  • No entry fees. No times will be accepted. This is a great chance for your swimmer to gain some experience.
  • Yellowbeards may enter events for which they have NT.
Date Start Time Venue
Tues. June 11h, 2019 6.00pm (dryland warm up 5.45pm) Karori Pool.